Gambit ID PERSECTM (Personnel Security) automates the security clearance screening workflow. The current process requires human intervention by a security officer for all applicant cases, even for those that have no adverse conditions. Gambit’s software solution automatically adjudicates each applicant’s case by accessing RCMP criminal record check and credit file results, looking for adverse conditions.

Developed to work in tandem with Gambit’s other solutions, Gambit ID ScanTM and Gambit ID CheckTM, Gambit ID PERSECTM can automatically adjudicate a case in just under three minutes once fingerprints are submitted.

In addition, Gambit ID PERSECTM contains a full document management system. Documents such as the TBS 330-23, TBS 330-60, TBS 330-47, police checks and other out-of-country attachments can be uploaded and maintained in one place for each applicant.