Security Screening

The type of personnel security screening that an employee needs is determined by the requirements of each contract. Gambit streamlines the process with three advanced, off-the-shelf (OTS) products -- Gambit ID Check, Scan and PERSEC, which work in tandem as a packaged software solution.

What are OTS products?

Short for off-the-shelf, an adjective that describes software or hardware products that are ready-made and available for sale to the general public (e.g. Microsoft Office is an OTS product that is a packaged software solution for businesses). OTS products are designed to be implemented easily into existing systems without the need for customization.

Gambit's OTS products significantly automate the security screening workflow. Gambit ID CheckTM acts as the preliminary application to initiate the security screening process from an HR system. Applicants receive an email with a link to complete and submit an online form, which provides an error-free copy to the security official. Once fingerprinted using Gambit ID ScanTM, Gambit ID PERSECTM automatically adjudicates a case in just under three minutes, providing immediate results to the HR official.

An advanced web application that streamlines management of the security screening and clearance process.

A state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, integrated live scan and card scan solution that costs significantly less to operate than comparable offerings.

Gambit ID PERSECTM (Personnel Security) automates the security clearance screening workflow and automatically adjudicates each case.

How Gambit's OTS products simplify and expedite the complete security screening process