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Why business owners should carry out fingerprint based criminal record checks.


You have or might have a criminal record. How to know and reduce its impact.


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RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Service

Gambit Fingerprinting and Gambit Fingerprinting Preferred Partner Centres can be found in Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Kingston and Toronto that offer RCMP accredited fingerprinting.

In addition to RCMP accredited fingerprinting, Gambit Fingerprinting is the only company in Canada that offers Gambit ID CheckTM, a streamlined system for managing the security screening and clearance process for company and department security officers, HR specialists, recruitment firms, private companies, immigration lawyers, adoption agencies and volunteer associations. With Gambit ID CheckTM, you can invite applicants to be fingerprinted for security screening and clearances, and then track the entire fingerprinting process: from the moment they schedule their appointment to fingerprinting. This makes Gambit ID CheckTM the best solution for the Government of Canada's new Contract Security Program.

Developed from the ground up by Gambit Fingerprinting to be extremely efficient, Gambit ID ScanTM is a state-of-the-art, integrated live scan and card scan solution that is easier to use, compatible with a greater range of hardware, more mobile-friendly, and significantly less costly to operate than comparable offerings. When combined with Gambit ID CheckTM, the proprietary ensemble allows the complete fingerprinting process to be managed with unprecedented efficiency, ease, compatibility, mobility, savings and security.

Ottawa and Gatineau Fingerprinting Centres

Ottawa East

Open Monday to Saturday
Walk-ins welcome

5420 Canotek Rd, Unit 105

Ottawa, ON  K1J 1E9


Ottawa South

Open Monday to Friday
Walk-ins welcome

15 Capella Ct, Suite 109

Nepean, ON  K2E 7X1


Downtown Ottawa

Open Monday to Friday
Walk-ins welcome

104 Bank St

Ottawa, ON  K1P 5N4



Open Monday to Friday
Walk-ins welcome

300 March Rd, Unit 434

Kanata, ON  K2K 2E2


Downtown Gatineau

Open Tuesday and Thursday
Walk-ins welcome

129 Promenade du Portage, Suite 211

Gatineau, QC  J8X 2K2


Halifax, Montreal, Kingston and Toronto Fingerprinting Centres

Get fingerprinted in Halifax, Montreal, Kingston or Toronto with Gambit Fingerprinting Preferred Partners, CSI Background Screening, Securi-Check, Impact Pardons and Canadian Fingerprinting Services.

Gambit ID Check Screenshot

Gambit ID CheckTM

An advanced, FREE web application developed by company and department security officers, Gambit ID CheckTM manages record checks from any online device.

Send Invitations to Applicants

Initiating fingerprinting appointments has never been easier.

View Fingerprinting & Record Check Progress

Track the applicant's entire progress - from invite to result in real time.

Manage Monthly Invoicing

Built-in monthly invoice management (bulk billing) keeps accounting simple and efficient.

Gambit ID ScanTM

Gambit ID ScanTM allows the complete fingerprinting process to be managed with unprecedented efficiency, ease, compatibility, mobility, savings and security.

One Simple, Easy-to-Learn & Use Platform

A single, uncomplicated interface replaces bolted on products and stitched together programs.

Photo & Information Only as Required

Does not force operator to take photo or input information when not required by the selected transaction type.

Out-of-the-Box Hardware Support

Compatible with many types of certified scanners from various manufacturers.

Gambit ID Scan Screenshot

Why Schedule Your Fingerprinting With Us

Multiple Fingerprinting Centres

We have centres across Ottawa, Gatineau and Toronto to serve you.

No Waiting or Delays

Our advanced scheduling capability eliminates waiting lines and delays.

Open Saturday

Open Saturday (by appointment) for your convenience.

Exceptional Security

Our web-based solution exceeds industry standards for security.

Paperless Process

Our cloud-based services require no paperwork.

Mobile Friendly

Quickly schedule an appointment from your smartphone.

On Your Way Home

Our Ottawa East Fingerprinting Centre is a short walk from the well-commuted OC Transpo #95 bus route.

Free Refreshments and Parking

Expect coffee, tea or water, AND FREE PARKING at our Ottawa East Fingerprinting Centre.