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A world leader in security screening, Gambit ID works alongside governments and corporations to successfully process background checks, leveraging automatic adjudication through its proprietary platform, Gambit ID Check™

Our innovative approach has allowed us to create the industry’s fastest and most accurate security screening platform. Whether you are an individual seeking an RCMP-certified, fingerprint-based criminal record check, or a government organization or private corporation looking for background check and security screening solutions, we are ready to assist you.

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Canada’s fastest, most trusted, RCMP-certified, fingerprint-based criminal record check service

Whether you are in the Ottawa area or are an international customer outside of Canada, we can help you with your Canadian criminal record check. Our solution is the most expedient on the market and our customer service is the top-rated in Canada. We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive and having the most efficient solution available. You can easily track your entire process in real-time and will always be up-to-speed with your application.

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Gambit ID is RCMP accredited to capture electronic fingerprints and submit them directly to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services for Criminal Record Check processing

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Fully Automated

Our system automatically generates and sends notifications to you by email.

Faster by Design

Automation and smart software make quick work of the complete process.

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View your application's progress from start to finish in real time.

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Our efficient and expedient process is easier on your wallet as a result.