Credit Checks

Gambit ID works alongside established credit bureaus to provide immediate and accurate credit reports, which are especially important when hiring candidates applying to positions that demand proficient fiscal responsibility.

Our comprehensive credit checks include:

  • Credit scores
  • Bankruptcies
  • Legal items
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSFs)
  • Trades
  • Foreclosures
  • Garnishments
  • Inquiries
  • Collection, repo, and consumer proposal notices
  • Public records
  • Bill 53 locks

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Education Checks

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As the ability to create fraudulent physical degrees and certificates becomes easier using advanced technologies, it is more important than ever to ensure your candidate's educational background is sound. Gambit ID provides quick and thorough verification of education credentials, degrees, professional licenses, and accreditations.

Gambit ID’s education checks can be successfully performed with just the following criteria:

  • Name at the time of graduation
  • Name of institution attended
  • Degree/diploma/certificate/etc. received
  • Dates of attendance

Employment Checks

In an age of remote and hybrid work, your candidate might reside on the other side of the world and have worked at companies unfamiliar to you. It is also possible to never meet them in person. As a result, it has become much easier for candidates to fake their employment history, or even the employment checks themselves. Alleviate concerns by using Gambit ID's employment check service, which can be completed with only the following information:

  • Job title(s)
  • Name of employer
  • Date(s) of employment

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Identity Checks

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Gambit ID offers identity validation and verification checks that help in confirming the existence of an identity in question and if the individual is who they claim to be. Using our flagship Gambit ID Check™ platform, you can easily configure automatic identity validations and verifications based on pre-defined conditions to streamline the process.  For identity verifications that require review, you can use our straightforward interface to clearly see and adjudicate discrepancies between what the individual claimed and what was determined during the check.

Open-Source Checks

Gambit ID performs open-source checks by utilizing advanced technology that combs the internet to gather public information about the candidate, including their social media presence and online activity. Results are obtained using methods that are non-intrusive and all data is retrieved within the public domain. A Gambit ID-conducted open-source check is a perfect way to evaluate a candidate's everyday character to ensure they will thrive within your organization.

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Reference Checks

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Gambit ID offers no-hassle reference checks that help determine what your candidate was like while attending school, working at an organization, or in their personal lives. Using our flagship Gambit ID Check™, you can easily perform unadministered reference checks using our customizable questionnaires or request an administered professional reference check when your organization requires greater peace of mind.