Fingerprinting Outside Canada

International fingerprinting for Canadians and non-Canadians living
abroad who require an RCMP-certified criminal record check

Why our service is the best in the world

Fully Automated

Our system automatically generates and sends notifications to you by email throughout the application process.

Faster by Design

Automation and smart software make our turnaround time quicker than other companies that offer a similar service.

Track Your Status

Our 24/7 International Self-Serve Portal™ allows you to view your application's complete progress in real time.

More Affordable

Our highly efficient and expedient process is tailored to be easier on your wallet.

Why choose us to perform your criminal record check

With Gambit ID With others
Almost every case processed within 10 business days
Completely automated and secure process
Ability to view the real-time status of your application through an International Self-Serve Portal™
Instant status change notifications sent via email
Expedited courier services
Client support readily available from start to finish